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Water Leaks 
In ceilings, under cabinets, behind toilets, outsideshowers, showing up in basements.  These can become nightmarish if you don't attend to them or if you don't have the correct person attend to them either.  We can trace them down and locate the source of the problem and correct it.  It's not always easy, but it's always going to be done right.

Gas Line Service & Installation Installing gas to a fireplace, grill or dryer can be tricky.  We have the mechanical license and permits to do it for you.

Kitchen Faucets & Bathroom Faucets/Fixtures
Whether they are leaking, loose or you just want to update them, we can repair or replace them with something you provide or we can get you connected with one of the many supply houses we deal with on a daily basis so you can select the replacement piece you've been dreaming about.  Yes, you can remodel on a budget and we can help you!

Bathroom RemodelingShower too tight?  Tub scratched and beyond resurfacing?  Want to put in two sinks?  Want to pull it all out and go down to the studs and start from scratch?  Or, maybe just change out the vanity?  Whatever your pleasure, we can assist - just call us to discuss your plans and we will be happy to assist you within your budget.

Garbage Disposals
Did your Garbage Disposal just die?  Or is it just jammed up?  We can assist with a new one or help with the old one.  We supply and install garbage disposals.

Sewer and Drain Cleaning
Tub seem to be draining a little slow?  Washer backing up?  Things just don't seem 'right'?  Call us, we can help.  We can put a camera down and locate the problem and remove it promptly. 

Sump Pumps
We can supply and install your sump pump.  You really don't want water in your basement.  A good sump pump is used to remove water that has accumulated in a sump pit which is simply a hole to collect water.  The water may arrive because of natural ground water if the basement is below the water table level. 

Kitchen Remodeling
Changing your sinks, faucets, adding a gas stove, moving things around?  Give us a call to give you an estimate on your project.  We can hook you up with our suppliers and help get your project moving.

Toilet & Tub Repairs & Installation
We can assist you with your bath...remove and replace an old toilet or tub, supply & install, or if it's just the 'innards' giving you grief, we can help there too. 

​Water Heater Replacement & Installation

Sometimes you just have a question on your water heater, maybe it needs a new part, but then again, maybe you need a whole new heater.  We can supply & install both gas & electric, residential & commercial, any and all types.  No problems here!

Total Stack Repair & Replacement
A stack allows gases to escape and also helps to promote drain flow by drawing air inward.  A plugged vent can trap dangerous gases and inhibits drainage; similar to plugging a drinking straw with your thumb to hold liquid.  Older homes may see more of this problem.  We have the experience and know-how to fix this problem when it occurs. 

Backflow Testing and Repairs
Test, repair & replace if necessary.  Backflow assemblies and devices have parts that can wear and break.  The purpose of the backflow is to keep your drinking water safe.  If you live within St. Louis County, they will normally send you a letter reminding you when you need to have your backflow tested.  We will be happy to assist you with this process.  

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